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£147,000 Bonus Offered For Triple Crown Maximums

Any player making two maximum breaks during this season’s Triple Crown Series will be rewarded with a massive £147,000 bonus.

Neil Robertson made a 147 during the 2015 UK Championship final

This new initiative applies to the 2023 MrQ UK Championship, the 2024 Masters and the 2024 Cazoo World Championship. A player who makes two maximums (either a 147 or 155) in either the qualifying rounds or the final stages of those three tournaments will earn the huge bonus.

WST Chairman Steve Dawson said: “There is nothing quite as exhilarating in snooker as a maximum break, those moments bring us to the edge of our seats. And we’re making that achievement all the more special this season during our Triple Crown events.

“We’d love to see at least one player make a 147 at the MrQ UK Championship which would give them two more tournaments to chase the bonus. Last season we saw maximums from Kyren Wilson and Mark Selby at the Crucible – imagine the thrill if there was an extra £147,000 on the line!

“The skill level in snooker now is higher than ever and we expect this new prize will give the players extra motivation to go for maximum breaks.”

The bonus would be awarded in addition to the high break prizes for the individual events.

Up to three players could win this bonus, for example if three different players each made two 147s then they would each win £147,000. Or if one player made six maximums then he would bank £441,000!

The counting events are:

MrQ UK Championship. November 18-23 (qualifying rounds) and November 25 to December 3
The Masters. January 7-14.
Cazoo World Championship.  April 8-17 (qualifying rounds) and April 20 to May 6.

Tickets for all of these events are on sale – for details click here