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Anthony Hamilton Q&A

The Sheriff of Pottingham, still going strong after 23 years as a pro, talks about living in London and his ambitions for this season.

Anthony, what are your goals for 2014/15?

To win more matches in the big tournaments. In the last two seasons I have won nearly 60 matches, but mainly in the smaller events which means my world ranking has fallen to 51. I have never felt that my ranking position is more false, but with the new money list, you need to be doing well in the big events. I still feel invincible at times and I’m a tough draw for anyone. But I’ve lost my first match in the World Championship and UK Championship for two years in a row. So instead of climbing the list I’m twitching about staying on the tour.

You’ve been a professional player for 23 years, what’s your favourite memory?

No question – beating Steve Davis at the World Championship in 2004. He’s my favourite player of all time, he has done so much for snooker and done it with such class. He is the governor and the sport wouldn’t be where it is now without him. Just to play him on the biggest stage at the Crucible was an honour, and to beat him…I’ll take that to my death bed.

Who’s the best player ever?

Throw a blanket over Ronnie O’Sullivan and Stephen Hendry. They both used to scare me every time I played them, in different ways. Back in my prime I could really play, but against either of those two I never fancied it one bit.

You’ve been living in London for 13 years, how does it compare to Nottingham?

It’s totally different because Nottingham is only lively in the city centre, outside in the suburbs it’s very quiet. London just flows from one area to another with a lot of atmosphere a long way outside the centre, and that’s what I love about it.

What are your favourite spots around Muswell Hill where you live?

I like Alexandra Palace, especially in the summer. If I’m going for a drink or a meal I really like the Kings Head and the Queens pubs in Crouch End. I like independent cinemas like the ArtHouse in Crouch End, they get all the best foreign films. The best film I’ve seen recently is Starred Up which is set in a British prison.