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Bjorn Again – Crucible Encore For Yodeller

By Hector Nunns

The Crucible Theatre was again serenaded by a snooker-loopy yodeller on Thursday.

Norwegian singer Bjorn Tomren, 37, gatecrashed the build-up to the Betfred World Championship match between Mark Allen and Joe Perry.

And BBC presenter and tournament MC Rob Walker handed Tomren the stage in Sheffield.

The audience were stunned into silence – before breaking into polite applause at the end.

Norwegians traditionally used yodelling to call cattle down from the mountains.

And folk music fan Tomren has form at the Crucible having managed to sing there once before three years ago.

He also holds a record for travelling the length of Norway on foot, by skis, up the coast in a kayak and also rowing.

Hoping to pick up Ronnie O’Sullivan tickets today to celebrate his birthday, he said: “It was nice of Rob to let me yodel inside.

“I am in a yodelling duo back home in Norway and a singer and musician, originally from Romsdal although now I am based in Bergen.

“I love old American folk music, and there is yodelling in the music of Hank Williams if you listen.

“My interest in snooker came from 2008 when I walked the length of Norway – it took four months.

“Sometimes it was very quiet and to pass the time the guy I was walking with told me lots of snooker stories about Alex Higgins, Jimmy White and the famous names of the 1980s.

“He talked about it for hours on end, but we had the time. And after that I started watching it on TV, and got addicted.

“I have the world record for travelling the length of Norway having done it four different ways. And when I was skiing I listened to snooker autobiographies.

“And my favourite player is Ronnie O’Sullivan, it would be great to get to see him on my birthday tomorrow.”

Walker said: “He came up and said hello, and I thought he looked vaguely familiar – and then he said ‘I am the yodeller’.

“We gave him a good couple of minutes before the Mark Allen v Joe Perry match, and he seems quite a character.

“I’m no yodelling expert but he is certainly a guy with a rare talent and a real performer – and the crowd appreciated it and gave him a good round of applause.”