O'Sullivan Goes Back-To-Back! | 2013 World Snooker Championship Final

Brilliant Bingham Takes Asian PTC Title

Stuart Bingham made a superb start to the season by winning Guotai Liqueur Asian Players Tour Championship event one in Zhangjiagang, China.

World No 16 Bingham beat Stephen Lee 4-3 in an exciting final to take the £10,000 top prize in the new event. He won five matches in the tournament overall.

There are three new Asian PTC events this season, which form part of the overall PTC series. By winning the first event, Bingham already is assured of a place in the Grand Finals next March.

The 35-year-old from Basildon took the opening frame with a break of 51 before Wiltshire’s Lee won the next two. Bingham levelled with a 67 then Lee, who won the PTC Grand Finals last season, went 3-2 up with a run of 87.

Bingham knocked in a 63 to force the decider, then won a thrilling last frame by clearing blue, pink and black for victory.

It has been a sensational start to the season for Bingham as he also won the Pink Ribbon pro-am in Gloucester earlier this month. He won his breakthrough major title at last season’s Australian Goldfields Open and now seems determined to boost his haul of trophies. The tour stays in China for the first full ranking event of the season, the Wuxi Classic, which starts on Monday, then it’s on to Australia where Bingham will be defending the title.

“Last year I started the season well then fell away, but this time I want to keep the form going,” he said. “I came out here for the three events just aiming to win one of them, and I’ve got a trophy already so anything else is a bonus. I’m full of conficence now and I want to do well in the next two events.

“It’s great to already have a place guaranteed in the PTC Grand Finals because I missed it last year. But I’ll probably still play in all the other PTC events because I’m the type to go anywhere and play in anything.”

Earlier, Bingham beat Michael White 4-2 in the semi-finals with top breaks of 74, 78 and 117, while Lee saw off China’s Chen Zhe 4-2 with a top run of 100.


Monday June 18

Not before 10am
WC9 Zhang Dongtao w/o Li Yinxi

Not before 1pm
WC1 Zhou Yuelong 4-1 Zheng Peng
WC2 Chen Zifan 4-2 Luo Guangsheng
WC3 Lu Ning 4-3 Chen Bo
WC4 Zhang Yang 4-1 Mu Gang
WC5 Lian Tenghao 0-4 Zhu Yinghui

Not before 4pm
WC6 Sun Chang 2-4 Yang Qingtian
WC7 Lin Shuai 4-0 Zheng Yanlun
WC8 Chen Jiajian 0-4 A Bulajiang
WC10 Shi Hanquing 4-1 Zhang Yadong
WC11 Fang Yuanjun 1-4 Zhao Xintong
WC12 Zhang Yong 1-4 Feng Guowei

Not before 7pm
WC13 Zhang Yi 4-2 Ou Zhiwei
WC14 Xu Xinjian 4-2 Ma Tingpeng
WC15 Lu Haotian 4-1 Qiu Yalong
WC16 Wang Yuchen w/o Hwang Chulho
WC17 Lei Zhen 1-4 Cao Kaisheng
16. Zhang Dongtao 2-4 Ding Junhui

Tuesday June 19

Not before 1pm
2. Cai Jianzhong 4-0 Tang Xu
4. Lu Ning 4-2 Matthew Selt
5. Marcus Campbell 2-4 Zhang Yang
6. Li Yuan 4-1 Ben Judge
7. Zhang Anda 4-1 Chen Ruifu
26. Guan Zhen 1-4 Chen Zhe
27. Cao Yupeng 2-4 Wang Linhan
28. Lu Haotian 3-4 Tom Ford

Not before 4pm
10. Qi Ya 0-4 Jin Long
11. Li Yan 4-0 Cui Ming
12. Lin Shuai 4-3 Mark King
15. Ruzi Maimaiti 4-2 Da Hailin
18. Lin Yongzhi 4-2 Chen Feilong
19. Yu Delu 4-2 Pa Ruke
30. Pan Weixing 4-3 Liu Chuang

Not before 7pm
1. Mark Williams 4-1 Zhou Yuelong
9. Stuart Bingham 4-3 Yang Qingtian
20. Zhao Xintong 4-0 Xiao Guodong
23. Michael Wasley w/d Mei Xiwen BYE
22. Ma Bing 3-4 Tian Pengfei
25. Peter Ebdon 3-4 Xu Xinjian
31. Li Hang 1-4 Cao Xinlong
32. Cao Kaisheng 4-0 Stephen Maguire

Wednesday June 20

Not before 1pm
3. Michael White 4-2 Chen Zifan
8. Zhu Yinghui 4-3 Dominic Dale
13. Robert Milkins 4-0 A Bulajiang
14. Lu Zhenwei 4-3 Alfie Burden
17. Stephen Lee 4-1 Shi Hanquing
21. Marco Fu 4-1 Feng Guowei
24. Zhang Yi 1-4 Mark Davis
29. Ben Woollaston 4-0 Wang Yuchen

Not before 4pm
33. Mark Williams 4-3 Cai Jianzhong
35. Zhang Yang 1-4 Li Yuan
37. Stuart Bingham 4-1 Jin Long
38. Li Yan 3-4 Lin Shuai
42. Yu Delu 1-4 Zhao Xintong
43. Marco Fu 1-4 Tian Pengfei
45. Xu Xinjian 0-4 Chen Zhe
48. Cao Xinlong 2-4 Cao Kaisheng

Not before 7pm
34. Michael White 4-3 Lu Ning
36. Zhang Anda 4-2 Zhu Yinghui
39. Robert Milkins 4-0 Lu Zhenwei
40. Ruzi Maimaiti 0-4 Ding Junhui
41. Stephen Lee 4-0 Lin Yongzhi
44. Mei Xiwen 4-3 Mark Davis
46. Wang Linhan 3-4 Tom Ford
47. Ben Woollaston 4-0 Pan Weixing

Thursday June 21

Not before 10am
56. Ben Woollaston 4-2 Cao Kaisheng

Not before 1pm
50. Li Yuan 1-4 Zhang Anda
51. Stuart Bingham 4-0 Lin Shuai
55. Chen Zhe 4-3 Tom Ford

Not before 4pm
49. Mark Williams 1-4 Michael White
52. Robert Milkins 3-4 Ding Junhui
53. Stephen Lee 4-3 Zhao Xintong
54. Tian Pengfei 4-1 Mei Xiwen

Not before 7pm
QF1. Michael White 4-3 Zhang Anda
QF2. Stuart Bingham 4-3 Ding Junhui
QF3. Stephen Lee 4-2 Tian Pengfei
QF4. Chen Zhe 4-0 Ben Woollaston

Friday June 22

SF1. Michael White 2-4 Stuart Bingham
SF2. Chen Zhe 2-4 Stephen Lee

Not before 2pm
Stuart Bingham 4-3 Stephen Lee