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Grace Beats Mann In Challenge Final

David Grace won the second Challenge Tour event of the 2018/19 season, beating Mitchell Mann 3-0 in the final in Preston.

Yorkshireman Grace won six matches over two days at the Guild Hall in Preston to take the £2,000 top prize and go joint-top of the Challenge Tour rankings alongside event one winner Brandon Sargeant. The top two at the end of the series of ten tournaments will earn a two-year tour card.

Grace, age 33, reached the semi-finals of the UK Championship in 2015. But he struggled to reproduce that form over the next two seasons and dropped off the pro tour earlier this year. He is on track to regain his place on the main circuit.

The next Challenge Tour event is on July 28-29 in Latvia, running alongside the last two days of the Kaspersky Riga Masters ranking event.


Round one
Sean Maddocks 3-0 Kuldesh Johal
Sydney Wilson 3-1 Daniel Gorton
Jackson Page 3-1 Brandon Hall
Adam Edge 3-1 Heikki Niva
Peter Devlin 1-3 Ben Hancorn
Brandon Sargeant 3-2 Leo Fernandez
Luke Simmonds 3-1 Jamie McArdle
Mitchell Mann 3-0 Gary Challis
Daniel Womersley 3-1 Barry Pinches
Adam Duffy 3-2 John Whitty
Andrew Smith 3-0 William Lemons
Charlie Walters 3-0 Lewis Ullah
John Pritchett 3-1 Lucky Vatnani
Jeff Cundy 3-1 Felix Frede
Jamie Curtis-Barrett 3-2 Oliver Brown
Clayton Humphries 3-2 Callum Lloyd
Fraser Patrick 3-0 John Foster
Joshua Cooper 3-1 Jake Nicholson
Steven Hallworth 3-0 David Craggs
Dylan Emery 3-0 Shane Castle
Phil O’Kane 3-0 Joshua Thomond
Saqib Nasir 3-1 Brian Ochoiski
Luke Pinches 3-2 Patrick Whelan
Reanne Evans 3-2 Matthew Couch
Joel Walker 3-0 Matthew Day
Louis Heathcote 3-0 Lee Shanker
James Cahill 3-1 Jack Bradford
Andreas Ploner 3-1 Anthony Jeffers
Simon Bedford 3-1 Alex Taubman
Kevin van Hove 3-1 Ryan Davies
David Grace 3-2 Jamie O’Neill

Round two
Sean Maddocks 3-0 Adam Duffy
Sydney Wilson 3-0 Adam Edge
Brandon Sargeant 3-1 Jackson Page
Mitchell Mann 3-0 Daniel Womersley
John Pritchett 3-0 Andrew Smith
Charlie Walters 3-0 Fraser Patrick
Clayton Humphries 3-2 Jeff Cundy
Luke Pinches 3-0 Rodion Judin
Luke Simmonds 3-2 Ben Hancorn
Jamie Curtis-Barrett 3-1 Joshua Cooper
James Cahill 3-0 Kevin van Hove
Louis Heathcote 3-0 Joel Walker
David Grace 3-0 Simon Bedford
Steven Hallworth 3-2 Reanne Evans
Saqib Nasir 3-2 Dylan Emery
Phil O’Kane 3-2 Andreas Ploner

Round three
Pinches 3-0 Walters
Cahill 3-0 Heathcote
Sargeant 3-0 Wilson
Humphries 3-0 Curtis-Barrett
Mann 3-0 Pritchett
Simmonds 3-1 Maddocks
Hallworth 3-2 Nasir
Grace 3-1 Kane

Sargeant 3-0 Simmonds
Grace 3-0 Cahill
Hallworth 3-1 Pinches
Mann 3-1 Humphries

Mann 3-2 Sargeant
Grace 3-2 Hallworth

Grace 3-0 Mann