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Colin Humphries

Are you being served by Mr Humphries?

Date of birth: Too shy to tell?

Born: Netherley, Liverpool

Lives: Tarbock, Liverpool

Highest break: 68

Qualified as referee: 1988 and then by 1994 had passed all necessary exams.

First Pro match: It was a Challenge Tour game in Altrincham about 1996. Ken Owers was one of the players.

Colin Humphries

Colin Humphries

Most memorable match: Got to be Stephen Hendry against Nigel Bond at 2006 World Championship. It was only my second match at the Crucible and what a finish – it went to a respotted black in the last frame!  Probably not Stephen’s most memorable game.

Most embarrassing moment: I refereed Ronnie O’Sullivan a few years ago at the Crucible. He potted the black, but it stuck in the top of the pocket. I went to pick up the ball from the rail and placed it on the black spot, but it was a red instead.

If you weren’t a referee what would you do: I live on and own a farm with my brothers and sister so I probably have the best of both worlds.

Which is toughest rule to apply: Like most of my colleagues, I’d say the simultaneous hit. Unless you’ve got the benefit of a slow motion replay, it can be almost impossible to spot.

What do you carry in your pockets: Two pound coin and ball markers. Generally though as little as possible. I don’t want my pockets to rattle!.

Where do you get your gloves: Usually from Slaters and sometimes from China when we can get a supply of them.

Interests: Staunch Everton fan. I also enjoy playing billiards and snooker in my local league. I enjoy gardening and looking after my farm animals.