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Marcel Eckardt

Germany’s top referee Marcel Eckardt made his breakthrough during the 2014/15 season, taking charge of the finals of the German Masters and Welsh Open.

Born: A place called Gera in the middle of Germany

Lives: I am based in Berlin

Highest break: I do not really play snooker at all, but I am quite good at American Pool. My highest run in 9-ball is 5 racks in a row and best run in straight pool is 70.

Qualified as a referee: I started to work for World Snooker in 2010 but my career on a local level started 2008 – time is flying!

First Pro event: The PTC in Bruges

Most memorable match: I’ve had so many already! But to pick out just one it has to be refereeing the German Masters final in 2015 – my first major event final

Most embarrassing moment: I think every miscount is embarrassing because it is noticeable and it just shows a lack of concentration. Once I miscounted when it came down to a re-spotted black and I started to get the balls out of the pocket. After another glance at the scoreboard I luckily realised.

If you weren’t a referee what would you do? I seriously do not know! I was probably born to do this job!

Which is the toughest rule to apply: I would think most of my colleagues agree when I say the simultaneous hit. I’ve had a few situations where it was just impossible to spot. Even with the replay it’s hard to judge sometimes – and we do not have this out there.

What do you carry in your pocket: I have got two ball markers. One for measuring the spots, the other one for cleaning balls. And I have also got an Australian coin in my pocket. There is nothing else you need.

Where do you get your gloves: From my fellow referee Peggy Li.

Interests: Away from snooker I play a lot of American Pool and I give coaching lessons here and there. I like to spend time at home and with my friends, no matter what we do. There is nothing wrong with partying and I enjoy a good night out. I am still young therefore I also care about fashion and style – I love shopping!