Top 10 Shots | 2022 Cazoo UK Championship

Olivier Marteel

The Gent from Ghent took charge of the Crucible final in 2015.

Born: Nieuwpoort (Belgian Coast between French Boarder and Ostend)

Lives: Gijverinkhove (Near the Belgian Coast)

Highest break: Practice : 133 / Official game : 78

Qualified as a referee: 1994

First pro match: Masters Qualifying 2006.

Most memorable match: Of course it has to be the 2015 World Championship final. Earlier in my career, I remember the 2009 European Open Final between Tony Drago and Roy Stolk. Just magic! Tony Drago won his return ticket to the Main Tour 2009-2010.

Most embarrassing moment: Arriving in Aberdeen for the 2007 Grand Prix, but my luggage arrived three days later…

If you weren’t a referee what would you do: Spend much more time with my family.

Which is the toughest rule to apply: The simultaneous hit rule.

What do you carry in your pocket: four ball-markers, a £2 pound coin, a pen and a picture of my deceased grandfather.

Where do you get your gloves: Self-supply. I buy them from a Belgian manufacturing company that delivers to the Belgian Police.

Interests: Football (Standard Club de Liège), Medical books, Science Fiction movies