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Snooker Links

Useful links to other snooker-related websites




World Billiards




Nic Barrow  www.thesnookergym.com

Terry Griffiths www.terrygriffithssnooker.com

Gary Filtness http://londonsnookercoach.com

AndrewGreen www.snookersuccess.com


BBC Snooker http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/other_sports/snooker/default.stm

Sporting Intelligence: www.sportingintelligence.com

Sporting Life www.sportinglife.com/snooker

WWW Snooker www.snooker.org

Eurosport www.eurosport.com

Cue Sports India www.cuesportsindia.com

Snooker Canada: www.snookercanada.ca

Blogs and forums

A podcast from the assistant editor of Snooker Scene, David Hendon Click here

Snooker Scene: www.snookerscene.co.uk

Pro Snooker Blog http://prosnookerblog.com/

Snooker Backer www.snookerbacker.com

Snooker HQ: www.snookerhq.com

Living Snooker www.livingsnooker.com

Snooker Island www.snookerisland.com

Maximum Snooker http://MaximumSnooker.com

My Snooker Stats www.mysnookerstats.com

Snooker Images www.snookerimages.co.uk

Turkish snooker http://vvggrr79.wix.com/snooker

On Cue www.welcometooncue.blogspot.com/

Polish Billiards and Snooker www.snooker.pl

Snooker My Love http://snookermylove.blogspot.com/

Spanish Snooker http://snooker147blog.com/

Snooker Portugal www.snookerportugal.net

Irish snooker forum: www.boards.ie/vbulletin/forumdisplay.php?f=413

Czech Republic snooker blog http://snookerblog.blog.cz/

Dutch snooker blog http://snooker.blog.nl

Chris Turner’s Snooker Archive www.snookerarchive.co.uk

Snooker Italia www.snookeritalia.com

Danish Snooker www.billardsport.dk

Snooker art by Oliver Byne: www.world-snooker-sheffield.co.uk

Mark Selby Czech site www.mark-selby.cz

Polish Snooker www.147.com.pl

Cabin Street Snooker (Finland) www.snooker.fi

Eastleigh Railway team www.eastleighrailc.com

147snookernews: www.147snookernews.com

Spanish snooker league http://lasesnooker.com/

Greek fans site https://sites.google.com/site/snookerfangreece/

The Cue View www.thecueview.com

The Snooker Hub – a site dedicated to the amateur game www.snookerhub.co.uk


Official player and referee sites

Stuart Bingham www.stuartbingham.uk.com

Neil Robertson www.neilrobertson.net

Mark Selby www.markselby.info

Ricky Walden www.rickywalden.co.uk

Joe Swail www.joeswail.com

Fergal O’Brien http://fergalobrien.ie

Jack Lisowski www.jack-lisowski.com

Sean O’Sullivan http://sean-osullivan.net

David Grace www.davidgracesnooker.co.uk

Scott Donaldson http://scottdonaldson.pro/

Ian Burns www.ianburnssnooker.com


Associations and National Governing Bodies

EASB www.easb.co.uk

Welsh Snooker www.welshsnooker.com

Scottish Snooker www.scottishsnooker.com

Northern Ireland Snooker www.nibsa.co.uk

RIBSA www.ribsa.net

USA www.snookerusa.com

Canada www.cbsa.ca

Europe www.ebsa.tv

Asia www.acbs-cuesports.com

Africa www.africabsf.com

Australia www.absc.com.au

New Zealand www.nzbsa.org.nz

Lithuanian Billiards Federation http://lbf.lt

Gibraltar Billiards and Snooker Association www.gibraltarsnooker.com


Management / events

Matchroom www.matchroomsport.com

World Ladies Snooker www.wlbsl.com

Grove Snooker www.grovesnooker.co.uk


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