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Useful links to other snooker-related websites



World Billiards



To find a coach close to you, use the WPBSA Coach Finder

Nic Barrow  www.thesnookergym.com

Gary Filtness http://londonsnookercoach.com


BBC Snooker http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/other_sports/snooker/default.stm

Sporting Life www.sportinglife.com/snooker

Eurosport www.eurosport.com

Blogs, Stats and forums

A podcast from the assistant editor of Snooker Scene, David Hendon Click here

Snooker Scene: www.snookerscene.co.uk

Pro Snooker Blog http://prosnookerblog.com/

WWW Snooker www.snooker.org

CueTracker https://cuetracker.net/

Snooker Backer www.snookerbacker.com

Snooker HQ: www.snookerhq.com

Living Snooker www.livingsnooker.com

Snooker Island www.snookerisland.com

Maximum Snooker http://MaximumSnooker.com

My Snooker Stats www.mysnookerstats.com

Snooker Images www.snookerimages.co.uk

Cue Sports India www.cuesportsindia.com

Snooker Canada: www.snookercanada.ca

Polish Billiards and Snooker www.snooker.pl

Snooker My Love http://snookermylove.blogspot.com/

Irish snooker forum: www.boards.ie/vbulletin/forumdisplay.php?f=413

The Snooker Hub – a site dedicated to the amateur game www.snookerhub.co.uk

David Grace www.davidgracesnooker.co.uk

Associations and National Governing Bodies

English Partnership for Snooker and Billiards www.epsb.co.uk

Welsh Snooker www.welshsnooker.com

Scottish Snooker www.scottishsnooker.com

Northern Ireland Snooker www.nibsa.co.uk

Snooker UA (Ukraine) https://snooker.ua/

RIBSA https://sbireland.ie/

USA www.snookerusa.com

Canada www.cbsa.ca

Europe www.ebsa.tv

Africa www.africabsf.com

Australia www.absc.com.au

New Zealand www.nzbsa.org.nz

Lithuanian Billiards Federation http://lbf.lt

Gibraltar Billiards and Snooker Association www.gibraltarsnooker.com

Management / events

Matchroom www.matchroomsport.com

Women’s Snooker www.womenssnooker.com

Grove Snooker www.grovesnooker.co.uk