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Cue Zone Into Schools Visits Ralph Allen

Steve Davis and co visit Ralph Allen School

Steve Davis and co visit Ralph Allen School

Steve Davis and the team visited Ralph Allen School in Bath this month as part of the Cue Zone Into Schools programme, featuring Functional Snooker.

The team were joined by 64 youngsters who took part in snooker competitions, together with off the table activities. Davis played youngsters throughout the day and entertained everyone present with his trick shot routine.

Vice Principle Andrew Greenhalgh said: “In 20 years of education I have never seen or been involved in such a wonderful day. 64 lucky Ralph Allen students were given the opportunity to play a number of snooker games, work with coaches and play snooker with Steve Davis.

“The day had such a buzz and caused ripples across the whole school. Nearly every member of staff called in to meet Steve and get an autograph. All left with the same wonderful feeling, commenting on the fact that they had never witnessed such a buzz in a school.

“The unique experience motivated and entertained – and has taken our Cue Zone project to another level. We were left with children wanting to stay and play longer even though they had already played for six hours!

“All staff associated with the project helped facilitate a magical event. I did not think it was possible to see children smile so much. Every student left with a new cue and a bursting enthusiasm for the game. I can’t wait until Steve comes again next year.”

Teacher Tom Hancock, who has also trained as a WPBSA World Snooker Coach as part of the programme, added:

“What a superb day the youngsters had. So many people have commented on how well the day was delivered by the team – I can’t thank them enough for their support with our Cue Zone programme. The real highlight for me this year is to see how our snooker programme has allowed a group of pupils, who normally shy away from sport and avoid being centre stage, to be in the limelight, grow in self confidence and develop their self esteem through their success in snooker. Snooker has made a real difference here at Ralph Allen.”