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Cue Zone Into Schools

Snooker is cool for school! Since the innovative Cue Zone Into Schools programme was launched during last year’s World Championship, thousands of kids across the UK and beyond have got involved in the sport, while learning valuable academic skills.


Cue Zone Into Schools is the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association’s grass roots development programme.

Within the programme, schools develop their own Cue Zone, which contains six- foot snooker tables, which can be used as a teaching and learning resource or as an enrichment tool. Youngsters can train and achieve the official WPBSA World Snooker Schools and Community Coaching Award, which can be linked to the BTEC Sport Qualification.

With each programme there is a scholarship for a teacher or nominated person to take part in the two day WPBSA World Snooker Coach Programme, led by six time World Champion Steve Davis, 1979 World Champion Terry Griffiths and NLTG’s Chris Lovell, who developed the concept.

The first phase of Cue Zone Into Schools was launched in 2013, with twelve schools taking part across the UK, with many achieving nationally recognised qualifications using snooker.

The concept has proved successful in developing community cohesion for young and old who are able bodied, disadvantaged or disabled. It also supports young people who have failed, or who are failing at school through attendance, low achievement with English and Maths or behavioural issues. The concept is adaptable and can be used for rapid response to support NEET or rapid response to hot spots in the community who suffer from poor or unacceptable anti social behaviour.

WPBSA Chairman Jason Ferguson said: “The future of any sport relies on participation. Cue Zone Into Schools is providing education and community benefit and we are very proud to see so many young people engaged with our sport.”

How Does It Work?

Once a school has chosen its route they will be visited by an experienced and qualified WPBSA World Snooker Coach who will undertake an induction.
A place will be arranged on the coaching course for the nominated person, which will include full hotel accommodation and all course resources and the opportunity to achieve full WPBSA Coaching Status and attend seminars regularly throughout the year, and take children to snooker events as rewards for their achievements.

The school will receive the necessary ongoing support in order to develop its Cue Zone. There is a starter programme aimed at secondary schools, and another aimed at primary schools titled Steve’s Little Nuggets.
These then can lead to a more intensive programme leading up to a Steve Davis Day, or the Steve Davis Day can be used in isolation.

What the schools say:

“What are we constantly looking for in schools? To engage the disengaged, to enthuse the unenthusiastic and to improve all of us. We have been able to achieve these things with significant numbers of our young people thanks to our partnership with the WPBSA .”
Vic Goddard – Principal of Passmores Academy

“The impact of Cue Zone Into Schools is already there to be seen. Students are learning new physical and cognitive skills and having fun while they learn. We feel that we are educating the next generation of players, officials, spectators and fans of this historic sport. In February we produced an impact report which showed that 88% of students feel the PE curriculum is better balanced and 97% enjoyed it.”
Chris Motley, Head of Lower School, Sheffield Park Academy

“Cue Zone Into Schools was introduced to us by Steve Davis and Chris Lovell in 2013. Since then we have dedicated a room for use and have seen multiplicative thinking, social and problem solving skills develop in a fun to learn way, adding a dimension of joy for students.”
Steve Burrows Head Teacher, Ormesby School, Middlesbrough

“Cue Zone Into Schools has been hugely successful, with pupils regularly staying after school to develop their skills.”
Chris Edwards, Moseley Park School

To get involved please contact Lisa Bray at the WPBSA Office on 0117 317 8200