Lukas Kleckers Q&A

After a promising start to his pro career, we caught up with Germany’s Lukas Kleckers to find out how he feels his debut season on the World Snooker Tour is going…

How are you finding life as a pro snooker player so far?

I just qualified for the tour about two months ago and I’ve already got so much new experience. I really like it and it is still feeling awesome. At the beginning I was a bit unsure, because my live changed suddenly when I potted the last balls at Q School.

Beating Neil Robertson in Riga must have been a great moment – how much did you enjoy that?

Yes of course, that was a huge experience and my biggest win. I was still so excited hours after that match. I really enjoyed it.

By beating Neil in a TV match did you prove to a few people – and yourself – that you have the potential to succeed in snooker?

I think so! Of course there is still a very long way for me to go, but I hope I can take something from that win into my game.

How was the experience of representing Germany at the World Cup?

It was an honour to represent Germany and we didn’t do badly, even if we did not qualify for the knock-out stages. The tournament was awesome and we really enjoyed playing in China. It was a great experience, I hope to play there again soon.

What are your main ambitions for this season?

My main target is to stay on tour and play my best snooker.

Is your life different now you are a pro – in terms of how much you practise? Do you have any coaching?

I started going to University a year ago. I will not stop that completely, but my full focus is on snooker now. I practise six days a week, between six and eight hours a day. If I am at home I practise at the 15reds Snookeracademy in Oberhausen with the German national coach.

Will you continue to live in Germany or are you considering moving to England?

At first I will stay in Germany and go to England a few days before the tournaments to prepare more. If that is not enough I will definitely thinking about moving to the UK.

Have you had a lot of messages of support from fans in Germany, or any stories in the media about your success?

Yes definitely, I got so many messages and there were articles in different newspapers. Many people were delighted when they followed me going through Q School.

The Paul Hunter Classic will be your first chance to play as a pro in front of German fans – how much do you look forward to that?

I’m really looking forward to that. I played there a few times as an amateur and it was always great. As a pro I’m even more excited now, because I never qualified for the main tournament there.

What are your hobbies away from snooker?

I played table tennis for many years but unfortunately I don’t have much time to play any more. And I’m very interested in mechanical engineering, even if it is really tough.

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