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Meet The Gamers: The Top Eight

The Virtual Betfred World Championship starts on Saturday and these are the Snooker 19 players representing the top eight seeds.

The virtual version of our biggest tournament will run on the original dates (April 18 to May 4), using our official video game Snooker 19. Each of the ‘real’ top 16 will be represented by a gamer, with all matches shown on WST’s YouTube and Facebook channels. For more details click here.

All gamers will be using Playstation 4 on the Master+ setting.

Tom Mayhew
Representing: Judd Trump
Seed: 1
Online ID: LikeMagicButNot
From: England
Age: 28
Highest Snooker 19 Break: 140
Highest real break: 8
Fact: Tom is a stand-up comedian so can relate to snooker players being stuck at home, not being able to do what they love.
Twitter: @TomMayhew

Chris Black
Representing: Neil Robertson
Seed: 2
Online ID: virtuosoreloaded
From: Scotland
Age: 38
Highest Snooker 19 Break: 147
Highest real break: 40
Fact: Once bumped into Bono in an Aberdeenshire Co-op.

Lee Cordrey
Representing: Mark Williams
Seed: 3
Online ID: Halborn13
From: England
Age: 39
Highest Snooker 19 Break: 147 (35 times!)
Highest real break: 53
Fact: Lee used to be a pro golfer and has played with Lee Westwood.
Twitter: @halborn131

Benny de Nayer
Representing: John Higgins
Seed: 4
Online ID: Maditude
From: Belgium
Age: 36
Highest Snooker 19 Break: 147
Highest real break: 32
Fact: Benny works for Tereos, a Belgian sugar manufacturer. He has played table tennis for 27 years (not all at once).
Twitter: @DeNayerBenny

Joe Hannard
Representing: Mark Allen
Seed: 5
Online ID: CaptainGoodspeed
From: England
Age: 22
Highest Snooker 19 Break: 147 (five times)
Highest real break: 67
Fact: Maths teacher by day, YouTuber by night.
Twitter: @CaptGoodspeed

Josh Sperrin
Representing: Ronnie O’Sullivan
Seed: 6
Online ID: Sperrin147
From: England
Age: 29
Highest Snooker 19 Break: 147 (eight times)
Highest real break: 46
Fact: Coventry City season ticket holder
Twitter: @JoshSperrin

Scott Edwards
Representing: Mark Selby
Seed: 7
Online ID: Rainylamb
From: England
Age: 40
Highest Snooker 19 Break: 153
Highest real break: 47
Fact: Scott has won several Snooker 19 online tournaments. Super-competitive, he never lets his son beat him at anything.
Twitter: @scwotty

Julien Pacaud
Representing: Kyren Wilson
Seed: 8
Online ID: Geometriko
From: France
Age: 47
Highest Snooker 19 Break: 145
Highest real break: 36
Fact: Julien is a surrealist illustrator.
Twitter: @julienpacaud

Seeds 9-16 will be introduced on Thursday!