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Neil Robertson Q&A

Catching-up with the world number two as he heads to to Sofia to compete in the Victoria Bulgarian Open…

Neil, are you excited to meet the Bulgarian snooker fans?

Yes I have really enjoyed playing there over the last couple of years. The Bulgarian fans love snooker and I have fond memories of playing in Sofia.

How do you rate your season so far?

I couldn’t have had a better much start, reaching the final of the first two ranking events and winning the Wuxi Classic. Since then I’ve been average, but overall I’m pleased how the season is going.

What are your expectations for the event in Bulgaria and the season in general?

I would love to win the title in Bulgaria and jump up the Order of Merit. We’ve only had two European Tour events so far and I’ve lost to opponents playing well. There are a lot of very good players, even at the lower end of the rankings, and there is less pressure on them at the ET events. My main goal for the season is simply to become a better player.

Last season you became the first player to score 100 centuries in a single campaign – is that on your radar again this time?

No, not this season. I will probably not be playing in as many tournaments. If I can qualify for the Players Championship Grand Finals early then I will consider whether I need to play in the remaining European Tour events. The schedule in the second half of the season is very heavy now so there might be one or two ranking events which I don’t enter, so I can keep myself fresh in the build-up to the World Championship. I expect most of the top players to do the same. Plus I feel the century of centuries is something I have already achieved so to do it again is not one of my goals at the moment.