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Nugget Visits Moulsham High School

Steve Davis visited Moulsham High School in Essex this month as part of the CueZone Into Schools programme.

Davis, Chris Lovell and the CueZone Into Schools team engaged 64 pupils in a day of competition and fun.

Moulsham has embraced the concept of “Functional Snooker” which uses a twist on the rules of the game to help children with their numeracy and literacy.

In order to take part in the day, pupils had to earn their place by answering maths questions. The more they answered correctly the higher their chances of being rewarded with a place. The impact was astonishing with some pupils answering more than 10,000 maths questions just to be sure they were part of the day.

James Bunn, who leads the project at Moulsham, said that a colleague of his in the science department had explained that the entrance process meant his pupils were able to understand that good attendance and hard work was recognised and rewarded. He also noted that the visit had significantly improved the team spirit within his form.

World Snooker Coach Andrew Green, who nominated Moulsham and ran the snooker competition on the day, said: “The whole event was a tremendous success. Every pupil thoroughly enjoyed themselves and to see snooker being used to help educate our youngsters in core subjects such as numeracy and literacy is incredible”.

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