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Players Visit Chengdu Textile College

Mark Davis, Ben Woollaston‎, Niu Zhuang and WPBSA Chairman Jason Ferguson took time out from the International Championship this week to visit students at Chengdu Textile College.


The college has its own snooker association and the three players played frames against budding young potters, and gave them tips on technique. Ferguson gave a speech about snooker and how it can be used in education. Banners on the walls described snooker as ‘The gentleman’s sport in China.’

The guests were also given a demonstration of embroidery crafts by a grand master. All had a go at weaving Sichuan figured satin and appreciated that the qualities needed for fine crafts are similar to those needed in snooker: concentration, hard work and discipline.

The college is one of the biggest in China, with 10,000 students and 864 staff.