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Ronnie Meets Cue Zone Kids


The WPBSA’s Cue Zone Into Schools grass roots programme, featuring Functional Snooker, will be featured on this Saturday’s Ronnie O’Sullivan Show on Eurosport.

The Rocket visited Passmores Academy in Essex to experience the Steve Davis Day aspect of the programme.

The Cue Zone Into Schools team, led by six times World Champion Davis, showcased the range of activities designed to support schools into snooker before, during and after school.

O’Sullivan also learned how to play Functional Snooker with the help of Davis and the youngsters from the school.

Cue Zone Into Schools is the governing body’s grass roots development scheme and to date over 10,000 have engaged in the project. Jason Ferguson, Chairman of the WPBSA, said: “It was great to see Ronnie at one of our schools events. The children showed great enthusiasm and there may well be a future Ronnie O’Sullivan or Steve Davis among them. The Cue Zone Into Schools programme is a fantastic success and we are seeing so many young people get involved in our sport. I’d also like to all the team involved for their all their hard work during the day and in particular Andrew Green, John Woods and Danielle Findley.”

To find out how you can get involved call Lisa Bray on 0117 3178210 or CLICK HERE