Gary Wilson Wins His Maiden Ranking Title | 2022 BetVictor Scottish Open Final

Sacré Bleu! French Duo Reach Junior Final

Two French players reached the final of the under-18 event at the Paul Hunter Classic in Germany this week, with Brian Ochoiski taking the title with a 4-1 win over Niel Vincent.

The tournament drew players from around Europe, but in the end the only two French players in the competition both got to the final.

Highest break of the event was a 92 from Austria’s Florian Nüßle.

Results (last 16 onwards)

Last 16
Hamim Hussain 3-0 Oliver Read
Niel Vincent 3-0 Kevin Cizmarovic
Umut Dikme 3-2 Antoni Kowalski
Florian Nüßle 3-0 Fabian Haken
Halim Hussain 3-1 Luis Vetter
Brian Ochoiski 3-1 Luke Pinches
Daniel Sciborski 3-0 Reggie Edwards
Noah Kodri 3-1 Ales Herout

Vincent 3-1 Hussain
Dikme 3-2 Nüßle
Ochoiski 3-2 Hussain
Sciborski 3-0 Kodri

Vincent 4-2 Dikme
Ochoiski 4-1 Sciborski

Ochoiski 4-1 Vincent