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Snooker Poetry – A Tribute To The Rocket

Poet and snooker enthusiast John Mole has paid tribute to Ronnie O’Sullivan’s 1,000th century…


Raising an eyebrow,
He scratches his head,
Sticks out his tongue
And pots the red.

Cool and mellow,
He gives a little grin
Then pots the yellow.

In the zone now,
A snooker machine,
He finds an angle
To get onto the green.

Just a hint
Of a mischievous frown
Before he takes aim
And pots the brown.

He chalks his cue,
Levelling it
To pot the blue

But then he doesn’t
Need to think
Before pocketing
The penultimate pink,

And now with a last
Triumphant clack
He finishes off
The final black

As the hall lights up
With an audible blaze
And Ronnie once more
Is King of the Baize.