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Snooker Quiz

You can’t be bored of Christmas already can you? Just in case, keep the festive fun going by testing your knowledge of the green baize game…

  1. Which two Scottish players competed in the final of the Indian Open this season?
  2. Who is the only player to make more than 100 centuries in a single season?
  3. Who won last season’s Gibraltar Open?
  4. Who were the two losing semi-finalists at the 2016 Scottish Open?
  5. If a player is 64 points behind with four reds left on the table, how many snookers does he need?
  6. Which Swiss player reached the semi-finals of the recent English Open?
  7. How many players have made ten or more official 147s?
  8. Who did John Higgins beat in the final when he won his first World Championship title in 1998?
  9. Which player won his second career ranking title at this season’s Paul Hunter Classic?
  10.  Which Glaswegian referee took charge of the 2016 Scottish Open final?
  11.  Which top 16 star did Jimmy White beat in the first round of the recent UK Championship?
  12.  In which year did Scotland’s snooker legend Stephen Hendry retire from the pro tour?
  13.  What nationality is tour player Basem Eltahhan?
  14.  Which player is nicknamed The Firecracker?
  15. Which Chinese player celebrated his 26th birthday on Christmas Day?
  16.  How old was Ding Junhui when he won his first world ranking title?
  17.  Who won the World Open ranking event in Glasgow in 2010?
  18.  Who was the first player to make a 147 this season?
  19.  Which Scottish player reached his only ranking final at the 1996 Grand Prix in Bournemouth, losing to Mark Williams?
  20.  Who did Graeme Dott beat in the 2006 World Championship final?
  21.  In which country was this season’s European Masters staged?
  22.  Which country do tour players Hossein Vafaei and Soheil Vahedi come from?
  23.  Perthshire’s Scott Donaldson scored a surprise second round win over which player at the recent UK Championship?
  24.  If a frame goes to a respotted black, how does the referee decide which player takes the first shot?
  25.  True or false: The 19th frame of the 2017 World Championship qualifying match between Fergal O’Brien and David Gilbert lasted longer than a standard flight from London to Prague.
  26.  Who is the current World Grand Prix champion?
  27.  Name the only professional player from Finland.
  28.  In which year did Terry Griffiths win the World Championship?
  29.  At which venue was this season’s English Open staged?
  30.  What is Michael Holt’s nickname?

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