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In his new regular column on, Taylor Wilson will be giving advice to all snooker players on the health and fitness side of the sport. A fully qualified personal trainer, Taylor is the younger brother of world number nine Kyren Wilson.

Three Tips On How Good Health Can Benefit You

1 – Snooker is a very stressful sport.
When you are not playing or practising, making the most of your downtime is essential to feeling good and even improving your game. Enjoy some much needed time out with your friends and family.  Snooker involves high pressure situations, high stress levels,  and often a silent room that requires full concentration.
Taking a break from these scenarios will benefit your physical and emotional clarity. If the hardware is working (the body) but the software isn’t (your mindset) it will be harder to improve and succeed!

2 – Eating healthier foods, focusing on micronutrients.

Micronutrients is effectively the scientific label for nutrients, vitamins, fibre and minerals. They are mainly found in fruits and vegetables. That’s why the vegan diet has become so popular, as increased micronutrients will lead to improved health. Having a balance between these foods and your so called ‘treat foods’ is essential, because ultimately, you don’t want to completely cut out foods you enjoy!

Tracking your calories can be difficult, especially when we all lead busy lives. So to avoid putting on weight, use the 80/20 rule. Aim for 80% of the food you eat to to be healthy and high in micronutrients. The other 20% should be your ‘treat foods’. This rule will help you create a good balance in your diet.

Taylor and Kyren Wilson at work in the gym

3 – Finally, get out and exercise!

Increasing your fitness is ideal for snooker. It will help give you mental clarity by improving the oxygen flow through the body, meaning you will be able to concentrate at the vital moments. There are so many benefits to getting fit. Types of exercise you can do include:

• Running
• Swimming
• Boxing
• Cycling
• Gym Routine
• Core Stability

Each will benefit your sport, your life and your health!

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