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Taylor Wilson, brother of world number eight Kyren, continues his series on health and fitness by looking at improving core stability.

What people often don’t understand is that having a strong core is essential for snooker. When it comes to taking an important shot we need stability within the stance to have full focus and confidence.

This means our Anterior Chain needs to be strong and supportive, so that’s quadriceps, core and pectoral muscles. It also means we need a strong Posterior Chain, so that’s hamstrings, glutes, lats, scapula retractors and rotator cuff muscles.

We have multiple muscle groups which serve a purpose for different functions. The purpose of the posterior chain is to counteract gravity and help maintain an upright structure.

Our lats, along with our scapular retractors and rotator cuffs, are responsible for our posture. They keep us from disengaging at the hips, causing us to completely collapse forward. The glutes and hamstrings are responsible for holding our bodies up during everyday life as they allow hip extension, abduction and external rotation.

The anterior chain also plays a vital role. Using the quadriceps as an example, your quads are important for knee extension and for operating knee flexion.

The majority of sports are forward dominated – for example football, snooker, basketball and tennis. This means that players need to have the ability change direction frequently. The anterior chain needs to be strong for basic stability, and a strong core is vital.

Give this core conditioner a try to strengthen your core and stabilisation muscles!

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