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The A To Z Of David Grace

David GraceFind out more about the UK Championship semi-finalist…

Interview by Jonathan Davies

Abroad: What is your favourite holiday destination?
Las Vegas.

Book: What is the last book you read?
Ronnie O’Sullivan’s new book – Running.

Cue: What cue do you use?
Stamford Cuemakers Series 1.

Day: What happens in a typical working day for you?
Up at 6:30am, brushing the tables at the Northern Snooker Centre 7.30am until 10am and then practising until 2 or 3pm.

Education: How would you get on in a pub quiz?
I don’t think I’d do too bad, I hold my own on the quiz machines in the club.

Film: What is your favourite film?
Hard to pick one but the Rocky films always pump me up for practise the next day.

Goals: What are your aims for this season?
To get into the Top 64, I need to do that just to stay on the Tour.

Hobbies: What are your interests away from the table?
I enjoy painting and following Leeds United, although sometimes watching the paint dry is more fun.

Idols: Who are yours?
I like classy sportsmen like Roger Federer, who don’t let it go to their heads.

Job: What would you be if you weren’t a snooker player?
I’m not sure if I could make painting portraits pay a full-time wage, but I would certainly enjoy that.

David GraceKid: Were you a well-behaved child?
My sister Caroline might argue otherwise but I think so, yes.

Luck: What is the biggest piece of luck you’ve ever had?
Meeting my fiancee Gemma – she’s changed my world.

Moan: What makes you have a good moan?
At the moment, it’s the way my beloved Leeds United is being run. I can take us not being very good but, off-field, we’re being made a joke club by the current owner.

Nightmare: What is your worst ever moment on a snooker table?
I once lost the decisive match in the Home Internationals for England. It was only an amateur event, but it was so much harder to take with it being a team game.

Oops!: What is the clumsiest thing you’ve ever done?
I once dropped my cue playing in the Paul Hunter Classic in Germany. It fell onto the pocket rail and knocked a load of balls onto the stone floor, so you can imagine the noise it made.

Picky: Is there anything that you’re particular about?
I must admit, I’m not a very adventurous eater. When we’re away in China, I pretty much stick to McDonalds and KFC.

Quiet: How long could you last in a sponsored silence?
I’m not one for talking for the sake of it, so I think I’d do pretty well.

Retirement: What do you plan to do after hanging up your cue?
I’d like to keep helping to run amateur and Pro-Am tournaments and do some coaching – I think it would be very rewarding.

David GraceShopping: Where do you buy your clothes from?
I’d say 90% of my clothes come from Asda – I can’t resist a £5 t-shirt!

Telly: What are your favourite programmes?
I loved Lost and am not ashamed to say I cried like a baby when it ended!

Unforgettable: What is your greatest ever moment on a snooker table?
I still think the best feeling I ever had was winning the European Amateur Championship 7-6 against my good friend Craig Steadman to qualify for the Tour for the very first time after years of trying. I’d been close a few times before that so to finally do it was euphoric.

Venue: What is the best venue you’ve played at?
The one-table set-up at the York Barbican was something I’ll never forget. I’ve played in front of big crowds in China but, having grown up watching the BBC events on TV, they have so much history.

Wheels: What car do you drive?
A Ford Focus.

X: If you could kiss any girl in the world, who would it be?
My fiancée Gemma, of course!

Yikes!: Do you have any phobias?
I’m not a big fan of snakes – I can’t believe some people keep them as pets.

Zzz: What puts you to sleep?
TV soaps.