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The Masters – A Poem

Poet and snooker enthusiast John Mole with his take on this week’s tournament…


Not held in Alexandra Palace
But once more at Milton Keynes
Thanks to Covid’s poisoned chalice
Forcing an exchange of scenes.

John Mole

Behind closed doors the players gather,
Chalking cues and taking aim
Across the baize as they wonder whether
Conditions will affect their game.

Somebody must activate
Recorded applause for a brilliant shot,
Always on hand to celebrate
Centuries, clearances, pot by pot.

Despite these unusual circumstances
We’re in for an exciting week
As skilled players take their chances,
Each of them in his way unique.

Hendry, Taylor and McManus
Doherty, Davis, JV and JP
Will help to make this year an Annus
Mirabilis with their commentary.

So raise a glass, every snooker-lover,
Not one half-empty but at least half-full
Or even perhaps brimming over.
Let The Masters be our pint to pull!