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World Cup format

The playing schedule is shown below.


Session Time Match No

15th June

Group Stages

12.30pm Australia v Qatar Wales v Pakistan Poland v N Ireland
England v Thailand Rep of Ireland v China B UAE v Germany
7.30pm China A v India Norway v Singapore Malta v Austria
Hong Kong v Malaysia Scotland v Iran Brazil v Belgium

16th June

Group Stages

1.00pm China A v Singapore Norway v Malta India v Austria
Hong Kong v Iran Scotland v Brazil Malaysia v Belgium
7.30pm Australia v Pakistan Wales v Poland Qatar v N Ireland
England v China B Rep of Ireland v UAE Thailand v Germany

17th June

Group Stages

1.00pm Australia v N Ireland Wales v Qatar Pakistan v Poland
England v Germany China B v UAE Rep of Ireland v Thailand
7.30pm China A v Austria Norway v India Singapore v Malta
Hong Kong v Belgium Scotland v Malaysia Iran v Brazil

18th June

Group Stages

1.00pm Australia v Poland Wales v N Ireland Pakistan v Qatar
England v UAE China B v Thailand Rep of Ireland v Germany
7.30pm Hong Kong v Scotland Malaysia v Brazil Iran v Belgium
China A v Norway India v Malta Singapore v Austria

19th June

Group Stages

1.00pm Hong Kong v Brazil Scotland v Belgium Iran v Malaysia
China A v Malta Norway v Austria Singapore v India
7.30pm Australia v Wales Pakistan v N Ireland Qatar v Poland
England v Re of Ireland China B v Germany Thailand v UAE

20th June

1.00pm QF QF
7.30pm QF QF

21st June

1.00pm SF
7.30pm F

Matches from 15-19 June 2015 are played on a roll on/roll off basis but will not start before times printed.  Play will start at the allocated time each day with a short interval between matches.  The evening session each day will not start before the time indicated on the format.

Players appear circumstances permitting.