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WPBSA Coaching Team Grows The Sport


Budding snooker coaches from around the world attended the recent WPBSA World Snooker Coach course at the South West Snooker Academy in Gloucester

Delegates travelled from as far away as Hong Kong and Singapore for the course, delivered by the WPBSA Coaching team of Steve Davis, Terry Griffiths, Chris Lovell, Andrew Highfield and Chris Motley. The course covers all aspects of the skills and knowledge required to represent the governing body in a professional manner.

Tutorials were delivered on:
– Basic skills of the game, led by Terry Griffiths and Andrew Highfield
– How to conduct a lesson
– Child Protection / Safeguarding
– The role of the WPBSA / World Snooker Coach
– Today’s role of World Snooker Ltd
– Opportunities to deliver coaching at Cue Zone at the televised events
– How to turn coaching into a part time / full time business
– How to market / promote yourself
– A detailed analysis, led by Steve Davis, on successful players of today and how their skills differ
– The rules of the game
– The Paul Hunter Foundation
– Cue Zone Into Schools

Delegates undertook a practical and written exam and will receive their results and grade within the next four weeks.

WPBSA Chairman Jason Ferguson said: “It’s fantastic to see so many people from all corners of the globe attending our coaching courses. We are determined to raise participation levels in snooker across the world and a key element of that is to get more coaches involved and to make sure they are teaching the right way. Our courses have set hundreds of coaches along the right path in recent years, and in turn many keen snooker players have benefitted. Coaching is such a rewarding experience and I hope all delegates reap the benefits of what they have learned.”

What the delegates said:

Kevin Uzzell: “I’m currently living in Thailand and flew back just to attend the WPBSA Level 2 coaching course. The long journey was so worth it, the course was extremely well put together and the staff and everybody on the team running the course were so professional, it was a great experience and very rewarding. I would recommend anybody with an interest in snooker and teaching to seriously consider coming on board and growing this sport as a recognised coach.”

Joe Swail: “I had a great few days doing the World Snooker Coaching Course. I met a lot of new faces and learned so much more. The experience, the professional setup and the support of the WS team will help me massively in promoting this excellent game and taking it forward.”

Mukesh Parmar: “Just want to thank the whole team on the course this weekend. I must congratulate you on all the hard work and effort that all of you have put into organising and producing this coaching programme. It was not only educational but also very enjoyable, however Steve did scramble my brain completely on certain topics!”

Kevin: “Thanks for the wonderful experience”

Pete Odell: “A very professional course led by professional people. My thanks go to Chris Lovell, Andrew Highfield, Jason Ferguson, Steve Davis and Terry Griffiths. Although intense, a very enjoyable course and value for money. Thank you all!”

Steve Barnard: “Thanks to the whole team for a great couple of days. I’m so pleased that I have done the course and I am really looking forward to starting my coaching career and engaging adults and kids alike with the game. Everyone was so approachable and friendly and there were no egos in the room despite everyone’s previous huge achievements, which made learning that much easier and pleasant, and I know that the others in the group felt the same way. The other thing that was genuinely impressive from a personal point of view was the message that all candidates will get the full help, support and backing from everyone at World Snooker for any training, initiatives and projects that we would like to drive forward in the future. That is a great message to take away and certainly gives me the confidence to think big and do as much as I can to promote the sport and to particularly help kids, the disabled and the disadvantaged. Thank you once again and I look forward to speaking with you soon.”

Matthew Haworth: “I took part in the WPBSA level 2 World Snooker Coaching Course in order to develop my skills as a coach and to deepen my knowledge of the technical aspects of the game. I was not disappointed. The delivery and organisation of the course were second to none and through the sessions with Chris Lovell, Steve Davis and Terry Griffiths I now feel equipped to go out into my local community and help to grow the game that I love. I am so proud to be able to wear the World Snooker Coach badge and to play my part in the future of snooker in my local area and beyond.”

The next course is provisionally scheduled for June 2015, should you wish to add your name to the list, contact Lisa Bray at the WPBSA office on 0117 317 8200