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WPBSA Q Tour Starts Friday

The first event of the 2023/24 WPBSA Q Tour Global gets underway this Friday (August 25) and runs until Sunday at the North East Snooker Centre.

For all information on the event including the match schedule CLICK HERE

Following two successful seasons based within the UK and mainland Europe, this season’s WPBSA Q Tour Global will for the first time incorporate regional events held around the world, each offering access to an extended Q Tour Playoff at the end of the season.


As in previous seasons, the rebranded WPBSA Q Tour UK/Europe will retain its previous format, with an expanded calendar of seven events to be held across the season.

To include four tournaments within the UK and a further three in mainland Europe, the circuit will once again see players compete to finish the season as the top ranked player and earn a place on the World Snooker Tour.

The next 16-ranked players (to include each event champion) will be guaranteed to qualify for the season-end Q Tour Global Playoff.

Each Q Tour UK/Europe event will carry an increased prize fund of over £14,000 and will be open to players from around the world. As in previous seasons, 48 players (see below) will be seeded through to Saturday’s last 64, to be joined by 16 qualifiers.


The provisional dates for this season’s Q Tour UK/Europe are:

  • Q Tour 1 – 25-27 August 2023 – North East Snooker Centre, UK
  • Q Tour 2 – 15-17 September 2023 – Snookerhallen, SWEDEN
  • Q Tour 3 – 20-22 October 2023 – Heilbronn, GERMANY
  • Q Tour 4 – 10-12 November 2023 Landywood Snooker Club, UK
  • Q Tour 5 – 15-17 December 2023 – Castle Snooker, Brighton, UK
  • Q Tour 6 – 5-7 January 2024 – Sofia, BULGARIA
  • Q Tour 7 – 16-18 February 2024 – Northern Snooker Centre, UK

All dates are provisional and subject to change.

All Q Tour UK/Europe events in England will be held at official 147 Clubs recognised by the English Partnership for Snooker and Billiards.

Iulian Boiko plays a shot.


As was the case last season, each weekend tournament will be made up of 64 players comprising the following:

The top 32 eligible players from the 2023 UK Q School Order of Merit eligible to compete.

Iulian Boiko, Haydon Pinhey, Sydney Wilson, Duane Jones, Alfie Davies, Barry Pinches, Rory McLeod, Steven Hallworth, Simon Bedford, Florian Nuessle, Alex Taubman, Jamie O’Neill, Peter Lines, Ryan Davies, Fergal Quinn, Joshua Thomond, Josh Mulholland, Sean McAllister, Daniel Holoyda, Robin Hull, Craig Steadman, Chris Totten, Michael Holt, Zachary Richardson, Umut Dikme, Ben Fortey, Lewis Ullah, Daniel Womersley, Harvey Chandler, Jamie Curtis-Barrett, Martyn Taylor, James Lee

The top 8 from the 2023 Asia-Oceania Q School Order of Merit

Ka Wai Cheung, Lei Peifan, Yu Kiu Chang, Gong Chenzhi, Jefrey Roda, Dhruv, Jatan Patel, Asutosh Padhy, Khalid Ali Alkamali

The eight highest ranked junior players on the 2023 UK Q School Order of Merit, not already qualified.

Bai Yulu, Antoni Kowalski, Liam Davies, Jamie Wilson, Bulcsu Revesz, Oliver Sykes, Vladislav Gradinari, Paul Deaville


For the first time, the WPBSA Q Tour Global will incorporate regional Q Tour Series’ staged around the world as part of the planned international expansion of Q Tour.

The WPBSA welcomes expressions of interest to stage Q Tour tournaments from recognised organisations and national federations which share our vision for high-quality amateur events.

As part of the WPBSA’s commitment to the international growth of our sport, the leading players from these Regional Q Tour events will qualify to compete at the Q Tour Global Playoff, alongside players from Q Tour UK/Europe.

Players competing in Q Tour events outside of UK/Europe, must be resident for a minimum six months to be eligible to play in these events.


The WPBSA Q Tour Global Playoff will be relaunched for the 2023/24 season with three places on the World Snooker Tour to be won for the first time.

As in previous seasons, the Playoff will include the winners of Q Tour UK/Europe events, followed the highest ranked remaining players up to 16 players. They will be joined by a further eight players from regional Q Tour events held around the world. Should these places not be taken, they will be filled by additional players from the Q Tour UK/Europe Rankings.

In recognition of the increased status of the Playoff, the event will be held over three days and will be made up of three sections of eight players, meaning qualifiers into this season’s prestigious grand final will only need to win three matches at the Playoff to earn a place on the World Snooker Tour. Quarter-finals will be played over the best of nine frames, semi-finals the best of 11 frames and the finals over the best of 19 frames.

The Playoff will also carry a prize fund of almost £20,000 for the first time, with each tour card winner set to take home £2,000.  Each qualifier will be guaranteed to earn at least £500, with prize money increasing to £750, £1,000 and the £2,000 top prize.


Jason Ferguson, WPBSA Chairman said: “Our WPBSA Q Tour has quickly become a key cornerstone in the amateur snooker calendar, offering direct access to the World Snooker Tour and regular competition at high-quality venues.

“We are therefore now delighted to be able to launch the WPBSA Q Tour Global, which for the first time enables players around the world to be able to compete and potentially earn their place on the professional circuit. It is particularly important to add that this new global model will serve players all over the world with life changing opportunities. It is also important to state that our vision includes working with federations and partners around the world who share our vision of a truly open global sport.

“I am hugely excited by the potential of Q Tour and in particular now the Global Playoff, with long frame formats, I can only speak on this as a former snooker player, when I say this is the ultimate test for players aiming to take the next step with a full-time career on the World Snooker Tour.

“We will soon be writing to our many partners and friends around the world, inviting them to join us in this truly global plan.”