HIGHLIGHTS | Scottish Open | Day 4

WST Podcast With Andres Petrov

Andres Petrov, the first ever professional player from Estonia, describes his journey in snooker in the new episode of the WST Podcast.

Looking back on his victory at the EBSA European Amateur Snooker Championship in Albania earlier this year, which earned him a two-year tour card, Petrov told Michael McMullan: “I went there with zero expectation. But in the group stage I played Liam Davies and I came from 2-1 down to win 3-2. After that I became a different person. In the semi-finals I was 3-2 up and I knew I only needed to win one more frame to turn pro. My hands were shaking like a leaf on a tree in a storm. When I won I couldn’t hold myself together, it meant so much.”

Looking ahead to the next two seasons, Petrov added: “I feel as if I have much more to show and much more to do. Spectators and my family have something expect from me in the next few months. I hope I can be as good as anyone.”

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