Marco Fu Sinks The Milkman | International Championship Qualifiers

WST Statement, June 7th 2023

On Tuesday this week, snooker’s governing body WPBSA published a detailed account of its investigation into match fixing charges against ten players, including the decision to issue lifetime bans to two players and lengthy bans to others.

WST Chairman Steve Dawson said: “This has been a difficult time for our sport, but we commend the WPBSA on the thoroughness of what has been a very complex investigation.

“Snooker is renowned for its integrity and the highest levels of player conduct. It is the duty of any sport to stamp out instances of corruption, as tour organisers we have that responsibility to our fans and players. WPBSA’s Disciplinary Commission, which is completely independent of WST, has to be transparent in dealing with corruption and punish any athlete found to have offended, with strong deterrents.

“WPBSA is a world leader in terms of their sophisticated tracking systems, and the manner in which they have pursued this matter to its conclusion proves their determination to stamp out corruption. The message to players is clear: if you cheat, you will get caught, and punished severely.

“Player education is crucial so that they are aware of the pitfalls, and the focus is on prevention rather than cure. WPBSA has a strong focus on educating, supporting and protecting players, and offering them confidential lines of communication if they have any concerns or information.

“Together, we will move forward with exciting plans for future growth.”