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WST Statement Update

WST can confirm that the Macau event previously scheduled for 27-29 October will now take place on the 22-24 December with players having received WST permission to enter.

As has been the case throughout, and contrary to reports, WST has dealt with all parties in a respectful and productive manner to reach an outcome which is satisfactory to all parties. As previously stated, due to contractual obligations, the original dates promoted would have been unacceptable and potentially lead to disciplinary action for those players choosing to compete in this event rather than the Northern Ireland Open. As such we are pleased a mutually agreeable solution has been reached to avoid further action.

WST will always work with players to satisfy their needs and we give permission on multiple occasions during the season for these types of events, but on this occasion, we could not do so and raised our concerns with the players and promoter in an appropriate manner which has now led to the postponement.

The players who have withdrawn from the Northern Ireland Open will remain unentered for this event.