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Zibo Joy For Zhou

Zhou Yuelong beat Yan Bingtao 5-2 in the final to win the 2018 CBSA Tour Zibo International Open.

World number 33 Zhou also beat Zhang Yong in the semi-finals on Sunday, after winning three matches in a row on Saturday. Zhou took the winner’s cheque of RMB 100,000 as well as the high break prize of RMB 10,000 with a 140.

In the final, Zhou led 3-1 with a top break of 70 before the interval. In frame five, Yan sportingly reported his own foul to the referee, giving his opponent the chance to make 58 to go 4-1 ahead. Yan pulled one back with a century in the sixth frame, but there would be no fight back as Zhou wrapped up the result in the seventh.

Zhou said: “I felt rusty because I haven’t practised since I came back to China, but I felt better after winning a couple of matches. I felt confident during the final and had a bit of luck when it came down to key shots. We know each other very well so there’s no hard feelings as long as we both perform decently.

“It is quite different playing in this tournament compared to professional ranking events. Winning a national title, in my home country, it’s just extraordinary.

“My plan now is to relax and I’m going to have a good time on holiday in Thailand. I can have a lot more fun with this big cheque!”


Zhou Yuelong 5-2 Yan Bingtao
Zhou Yuelong 4-0 Zhang Yong
Yan Bingtao 4-3 Lyu Haotian
Yan Bingtao 4-2 Zhao Jianbo
Lyu Haotian 4-1 Luo Honghao
Zhang Yong 4-3 Bai Langning
Zhou Yuelong 4-1 Yuan Sijun

Photo credit: Jin Li/CBSA