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Challenge Tour Event Six Results

The season’s sixth Challenge Tour event runs on November 16-17 in Budapest.

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We have four withdrawals from this event, and after re-opening the Challenge Tour (Europe) Players Reserve List, 3 replacement players entered.

A random draw was performed, resulting in the following amends:
Ross Bulman has been replaced with Sean Maddocks
Kuldesh Johal has been replaced with Peter Varga
Ben Mertens has been replaced with Gabor Vertesi
Robbie McGuigan’s opponent Bulscu Revesz will receive a walkover

All players withdrew before the Proposed Cut Off Point, and thus: Withdrawal after the draw has been performed, but before close of play (17:00) on the penultimate business day prior to the first day of qualifying (Proposed Cut Off Point), will result in a fine from the appropriate level of the tiered fine system, as is currently the case for all players. In these circumstances, World Snooker will seek to replace the player with the Next Highest Ranked Eligible Player, in a straight swap in the draw.