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Jason Ferguson, Director

jasonJason Ferguson is the WPBSA Chairman and a non-executive Director for World Snooker Limited, having been elected to the board in May 2010. He also chairs the WPBSA Audit and Finance Committee. Jason is an ex professional snooker player once ranked in the World’s top 32.

Following Jason’s retirement from the sport in 2004 he focused his attention on his business empire which included property development and regeneration as well as a successful term as the Mayor of his home town in Newark and Sherwood.

Jason has, in his current stint as WPBSA Chairman, presided over one of the most significant and radical changes to the way that the sport is governed when a controlling stake (51%) of World Snooker Limited (the previously wholly owned subsidiary of the WPBSA which is responsible for the commercial exploitation) was divested to Matchroom Sport Limited, a company owned by Barry Hearn, with the association retaining a 26% share in this entity.

This radical change to the Association was presented at the AGM in December 2009 and completed in June 2010 having been endorsed by the membership.

Jason’s role in this deal was to ensure that the interests of the Sport and its members were maximised while at the same time ensuring that the Association retained a significant voice in the future direction of the sport.

Jason’s role as a non-executive Director of World Snooker Limited ensures that he can maintain influence over the direction of the commercial activities that have so far been highly successful.

It is testament to the membership’s overall satisfaction with the role that Jason has fulfilled that when he most recently retired by rotation he was re-elected to the board with 100% of the vote.

Following this significant restructure, the sport of snooker has expanded globally, with prize money and playing opportunities increasing dramatically.