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Foundation Going Strong In Worksop


WPBSA World Snooker Coach Steve Mallender and his team are continuing their great work at the North Notts Arena in Worksop.

They’ve just completed 30 weeks of funded activities via the Paul Hunter Foundation, with 40 kids coming off the streets to experience snooker, some of them for the first time.

Parents of the children said:

“Thank you – a new skill and fun-filled ten weeks for all kids! Hope it carries on.”

“Another fantastic session of snooker. All the children enjoy coming down every week. Steve is really great with the boys – lots of patience to work with teenage lads, keeping them interested week after week. Long may it continue.”

“Another great ten weeks have flown by. Well done to all the lads – great teamwork. Hope it continues, especially with the dark winter season upon us.”

“My lad loves coming, he looks forward to it each week. The music is great, all the lads sing along to it. I’ve seen an improvement but he just needs to take his time sometimes.”

“This was Bryce’s first time at the Foundation and he was made welcome. Steve encouraged Bryce to get involved and was extremely approachable. This has given Bryce the chance to meet children of a similar age and skill level, which made a great environment for learning and making friends.”

If you want to develop the Foundation in your area, click the links below:,,13165~181159,00.pdf,,13165~181158,00.pdf