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Lines: My Attitude Stunk

Peter Lines admits he had a bad attitude towards snooker before heading into Q School, and it was only hearing the honest truth from a practice partner that helped him change his mentality.

Leeds cueman Lines was relegated from the tour at the end of last season but quickly secured his place on the circuit for another two seasons by winning five matches at Q School in Sheffield, culminating in a 4-2 defeat of Ian Burns.

“I need to say a special thank you to Patrick Whelan,” said the 51-year-old veteran. “He comes over to practise with me and he’s trying to learn the game. He gave me a ticking off about my attitude. I never realised how bad it was, because of the way I was feeling. I genuinely believe that if he hadn’t pointed that out, there’s no way I would have got through Q School. He really did help me out, because my attitude stunk!”

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