Pros Neil Robertson & Ryan Thomerson Coach Snooker At School!

PHF Supports Disability Snooker


The Paul Hunter Foundation Roadshow was in Suffolk recently to entertain a packed crowd at the Haverhill Ex-Servicemens Club.

An evening of fun and entertainment, following a day of intense competition on the tables, was hosted by Tim Squires on behalf of the Foundation.

The roadshow event was part of the Easter snooker spectacular hosted by TJS-Snookerbility, attracting players from Gloucester, Coventry, Birmingham, Aylesbury, Sutton Coldfield, Sussex, Royston and Clacton.

The knock-out tournament for players with physical disabilities was won by Daniel Blunn, who beat Jayson Whorley 2-1 in the final. Jayson won trophy for highest break thanks to a run of 44.

The competition for players with learning difficulties was the 120 break challenge, potting red and blacks in sequence. This event was won by Laura Williamson from Royston with 27 points.

The presentation of awards was attended by Great Britain Paralympic athlete Jonathan Adams who said: “Snooker is such a wonderful game and this event will continue to grow, as the sport itself grows worldwide.”

Tim Squires of TJS-Snookerbility said: “The players who entered are a credit to themselves and the game. Thanks to everyone who helped.”