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Podcast With Michael Holt

Michael Holt admits that his ambition is to regain a place on the World Snooker Tour, despite the success of his coaching venture, in the new episode of the WST Podcast.

Former Shoot Out champion Holt was relegated from the circuit last year and has since spent much of his time coaching amateur players. “It’s going amazing, I have been very flattered by the feedback,” he said. “I didn’t realise this world was out there, but I can make a living from it. The main goal is to get back on tour, but if I do that I would definitely still keep the coaching going, maybe limiting it to 15 hours a week. I enjoy it. I had been around professionals forever, where everyone is good. I forgot how hard people find snooker. What I’ve realised is that technique is only five per cent of it. People think they are going to be good if their cue action is like Neil Robertson. But Neil isn’t only a good player because he cues well, there’s so much more to it. Players get wrapped up in changing things in their technique – I call it the circle of death.

“But I want to get back on the tour because I think I’m still more than good enough, and as long as that’s the case I’ll keep trying. You’re not too old to play in your 40s, as long as your eyes are ok. The best player in the world is 47. If I got back on, my main goal would just be to enjoy it. The biggest tragedy of my career is that I have enjoyed everything except the matches. The matches have been an ordeal for me at times. Even I just get two more years, I would want to enjoy it.”

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