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Q School Quiz

David Gilbert is a former Q School graduate.

Tomorrow will see four more graduates emerge from Q School’s Class of 22. However, now is the time for you to put your knowledge to the test and see if you are an A or an F when it comes to snooker.

Here are ten teasers about Q School, look out for the answers on Monday…

  1. After dropping off the tour, David Gilbert had come close to giving up the sport. He lost in the final round of event one and two, but beat Allan Taylor in the final round of event three. Name the year.
  2. Welsh 20-year-old Jackson Page went on a fine run to the last 16 of the World Championship this year. However, he had to come through Q School at the start of the season. Who did he beat in the last round of event one to qualify?
  3. Hammad Miah faced a race against the clock to make it home for Q School in 2021, after he got stuck abroad due to Covid-19 travel restrictions. He made it back with four days to go and qualified. Which country did he eventually fly home from?
  4. Jordan Brown was a Q School graduate in 2020. He made the most of it a year later when he won the 2021 Welsh Open, as a 750-1 outsider, beating Ronnie O’Sullivan in the final. Who did he beat in the semi-finals?
  5. Fan Zhengyi qualified from Q School in 2020 and was also a 750-1 outsider when he beat Ronnie O’Sullivan in the final of the 2022 European Masters. What was the score in his final with the Rocket?
  6. Which year did last season’s UK Champion and German Masters winner Zhao Xintong graduate from Q School, having dropped off the circuit?
  7. Which former Mosconi Cup winning pool player conquered Q School in 2014 to earn a tour card?
  8. Name the Yorkshire cueman who successfully negotiated the first ever Q School event in 2011 and would go on to make the UK Championship semi-finals four years later.
  9. Which two former Shoot Out winners are competing in Q School this year?
  10. Name the four players who earned tour cards from event one this year.