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Snooker Poetry

Another offering from poet and snooker enthusiast John Mole…


The warm-up and the entry, bottled water in its place,

The poise, the body language, the enigmatic face,

The balls in their postion and waiting for a break

To set the frame in motion with the patterns that they make,

Crazy configurations that call for careful thought,

How to get out of this one? A calculating sport!

The DDK, the screwback, the cannon and the swerve,

The frown of concentration, the sudden loss of nerve,

The unforgiving pockets, the cue ball’s wanderlust,

The safety shot, the gimme, the maybe and the must,

The healthy lead, the challenge, the knocking at the door,

The hunger, the ambition, the quick glance at the score,

The spider, the extension, the chalking of the tip,

The cue between the fingers, the posture and the grip,

The handshake and the interview, then the need to be alone,

The practice room for tomorrow or the long, long journey home.