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Songwriter Griffin Loves Snooker


Alistair Griffin has written songs for major sporting events including the Tour de France, Wimbledon and Formula One. And snooker might be next…

The Yorkshireman, from a village near Whitby, first came to prominence on Fame Academy. His song ‘Just Drive’ was chosen by both the BBC and Sky to go with their Formula One coverage, then his next hit ‘What If’ was used by the BBC to soundtrack Andy Murray’s historic Wimbledon win.

And Alistair’s proudest moment came when he penned and performed ‘The Road’ as the official anthem for Yorkshire’s Grand Depart at the Tour de France.

The 36-year-old just happens to be a huge sports fan, and snooker is one of his favourites. “I haven’t written a song about snooker yet but I’ve been listening a lot to the great Snooker Loopy,” Alistair joked. “It’s one of my all-time favourite songs.

“I first got interested in snooker when I was little, watching it with my grandparents. I used to like Tony Knowles and Jimmy White – a typical British person rooting for the underdog rather than Steve Davis who won everything. My grandma was a big fan and she played herself. We got a mini snooker table for Christmas when I was about 8 and I started to play. But my grandma was actually very good and used to beat me quite a lot. In the end the green baize was replaced with a Subbuteo football pitch.

“I still watch the World Championship and I hardly missed a ball this year. I was gripped watching Mark Selby winning it – and surprised Ronnie O’Sullivan didn’t beat him. It was nice to have a new winner.”

Alistair hopes to come to the UK Championship this year in York – not far from his home – and in fact he is very familiar with snooker at the Barbican.

He recalls: “In 2001, when the tournament first came to the venue, it was long before my music career kicked off and I worked on security. I was on the door so I greeted Dennis Taylor and the other commentators when they came in. I would also get breakfast for the players; I brought a bowl of Alpen to Ronnie every day and he ended up winning the title.”

And that’s how the Rocket became a cereal winner.

Alistair was interviewed by Agi Czerwińska . To find out more about him go to or follow him @AlistairGriffin