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The Final: Frame By Frame

Frame by frame updates as Mark Williams takes on Gary Wilson in the final of the British Open. First to six frames takes the trophy and £100,000…

Frame one
Williams makes breaks of 24 and 19, running out of position on both occasions. Wilson, trailing 43-8, then plays a loose safety and this time he is punished. Williams adds 39 to draw first blood.
Williams 1-0 Wilson

Frame two
A trio of scoring opportunities allow Wilson to build a 48-0 lead. Williams has half a chance to counter but misses a tough long red to a top corner, letting his opponent back in to add 24 and level the tie.
Williams 1-1 Wilson

Frame three
Wilson is aiming to win his first ranking title tonight and he could do without this kind of misfortune. Trailing 15-1, he attempts to go into the pack off the black, but flicks a lone red and the cue ball goes in-off. Williams clears with 111, his first century of the tournament, to regain the lead.
Williams 2-1 Wilson

Frame four
Williams leads 18-11 when he fails to convert a tough long red to a top corner. The black is close to a side cushion, but Wilson uses blue and pink to construct a fine break of 62 which leaves them all square at the interval.
Williams 2-2 Wilson

Frame five
Wilson has grown into this match and now looks the stronger player. A red to middle sets up an excellent break of 101 to put the Geordie ahead for the first time.
Williams 2-3 Wilson

Frame six
Wilson has an early chance but makes just 13 before missing a red to centre. Williams leads 50-24 when, on a break of 40, he overcuts the pink to a top corner, with two reds remaining. A brief safety exchange is resolved when Williams converts a superb long red to a baulk corner. He adds the black, doubles the last red to a centre pocket, and clears the table to restore parity.
Williams 3-3 Wilson

Frame seven
Is this the Williams surge? The three-time Crucible king fires in another sizzling long red to initiate a run of 75, putting him back in front and two away from victory.
Williams 4-3 Wilson

Frame eight
A missed red to a top corner from Williams, trailing 27-26, hands his opponent the chance to go 31 points ahead with two reds left. Williams later fails on a difficult long pot on the last red, and Wilson adds the points he needs. We’re all square again.
Williams 4-4 Wilson

Frame nine
Williams makes 25 before running out of position, but gets back in with a fabulous long red to a baulk corner. He goes on to make 115, his second ton of the match, to go one up with two to play.
Williams 5-4 Wilson

Frame ten
All over – Mark Williams is the 2021 British Open champion! Wilson has a chance to force a decider but makes only 10 before missing the pink to a top corner. A run of 44 from Williams puts him 52 ahead with two reds left, and when Wilson fails to pot the blue after taking one red, he offers the handshake. That’s a 24th ranking title for evergreen Williams.
Williams 6-4 Wilson