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Wilson Withdraws Due To Blood Clot Concern

Kyren WilsonKyren Wilson has revealed that concerns over a possible blood clot in his left leg caused him to pull out of this week’s Kaspersky Riga Masters.

Shanghai Masters champion Wilson qualified for the season’s first ranking event by beating Anthony Parsons, but then withdrew on the eve of the tournament in Latvia.

“It’s not down to illness or anything like that but it’s a possible blood clot in my leg,” world number 16 Wilson told the Northamptonshire Telegraph.

“I suffer with bad circulation in my left leg and I got back from my honeymoon in Spain and got to my wife’s parents’ house in Wales and her dad pointed out the swelling and my foot had pretty much doubled in size.

“I found a lump in the back of my leg, which I was a bit concerned about but I got it checked out on Tuesday, which was the day I was I supposed to be flying out.

“The doctor wasn’t 100 per cent confident that it was a blood clot so I set out for the airport but as I got close, my leg was throbbing so I just turned round and came home. Hopefully it will settle down in time for the Indian Open.”